The Town of Spencer is governed by a three member Town Council that is elected every four years, on the off election year preceding a presidential election year.

The current council members are:

President Jon Stantz
Vice President Dean Bruce
Council Member Michael Spinks

The finances and documents for the town are the responsibility of the Clerk-Treasurer who is elected at the same time as the Town Council and also serves a four year term. Cheryl Moke is the current Clerk-Treasurer. She also provides financial and clerical duties for the Spencer Sewer Department, and the Owen Valley Fire Territory whose finances and books are kept separately.

The Spencer Clerk-Treasurer is assisted in her duties by Tami Snodgrass, whose duties are mainly directed toward the Sewer Department, doing the billing and payment receipts, but she also serves as a valuable backup to the Clerk-Treasurer in all of her other duties.